Once a year, the United Church observes Heath and Human Services Sunday. This Sunday, January 26th, is this years Health and Human Services Sunday.

What does that mean?!

Every community, all over the country (and globally), has members who are dedicated to the health and well being of their neighbors, and all of those in their communities. Whether they are working in a doctors office, or hospital, working with different organizations, or serving with missions.

Our church is also dedicated to the well being of its community!

On Health and Human Service Sunday, we as a church, will have an chance to help create awareness of the concerns facing the heath of our community and the world. We can also have the chance to learn more about our own church ministries that support the heath and human services.

Health care, and human services are both areas that affect us all in one way or another. They’re both very important, and there are many different ways that each of us can be involved, and supportive!

What are some ways we can show support?

At our own church, our mission board is busy throughout the year; donations of food & toiletries are collected to donate to “Our Place”. We partner with our neighboring church to put on a community meal (a food dish, and volunteers are always welcome). Every six weeks, a blood drive is held in our Fellowship Hall. Penny collections are had during the year. The list goes on and on!

While we have taken this Sunday to bring these fields into the spot light, we should always be thankful that there are special people, who care about their communities.